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    Gourmet coffee from Central America

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    Roasted by artisans with a passion for coffee

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    Assorted pastries and sandwichs to go along with your coffee

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    Prepared by our expert barristas

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Extra Gourmet (Whole Bean)
Extra Gourmet (Whole Bean) $14.99
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Decaffeinated (Whole Bean)
Decaffeinated (Whole Bean) $15.99
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Gourmet Espresso (Whole Bean)
Gourmet Espresso (Whole Bean) $15.99
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Italy Premium (Whole Bean)
Italy Premium (Whole Bean) $15.99
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The Coffee Cup Difference!

  1. Rain forest coffee: Volcanic soil filled with minerals and nutrients provide an ideal environment for coffee to grow.
  2. Sun-dried process:  Our coffee is processed at the wet mill where the pulp of the fruit is removed and the fermentation process completed.
  3. Parchment:  The Parchments is the thin natural protective shell that protects the coffee bean from heat, humidity and moisture.  Once this protective shell has been removed, the coffee bean begins to age.  Almost all green bean coffee that is exported to non-coffee producing countries is exported with the parchment already removed.  We only remove the parchment just prior to the roasting process, providing a much fresher coffee bean that retains it's natural qualities.
  4. Coffee Cupping:  Roasting is done in small batches and each and every batch is tested to evaluate the coffee aroma and the flavor profile of the coffee.  Our coffees are ground in a hermetically sealed environment (no oxygen is allowed) to further protect the natural aroma of the coffee.

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July 02, 2013

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June 20, 2013

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